Address K-12 retention issues head on with financial wellness

Your Money Line partners with K-12 institutions to give teachers and school staff access to the best guidance on qualifying for student loan forgiveness, managing financial stress, and so much more. Together we guide your staff to loan forgiveness and financial stability.

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Challenges K-12
institutions face

1. Recruit and retain top talent.

The K-12 industry faces a lot of turnover due to the high-stress environment and low wages. To help recruit and retain staff, Your Money Line can help address the financial stress and burden your employees feel.

2. Engage employees to avoid burnout.

It’s no secret that K-12 institutions have the highest burnout rate in the US compared to every other industry, leaving many crucial positions vacant. However, we’ve found that financial wellness has helped dramatically curb common issues found in the K-12 retention crisis. Read our full report below to learn how.

How do we help K-12 institutions with financial wellness?

By implementing a financial wellness program into your employee benefits offering, K-12 organizations can expect changes in their retention rates.

Guidance through public service loan forgiveness

If you’re a public school district, your employees may qualify for PSLF. This government-sponsored program allows borrowers of federal student loans to have their loans forgiven in exchange for work in public service. PSLF can be difficult to navigate, which is why YML provides expert guides to help your employees through the process.


Programming is available when you need it

Staff and educators of K-12 schools are busy; that’s why our software program is available 24/7 through our dashboard with access to tools, guides, articles, videos, and resources. Our Financial Guides are also available 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, when you need a human touch.

One-on-one expert financial coaching and guidance

Our expert guides provide 1:1 coaching for your employees and their unique, confidential situations. They provide guidance and meet you where you are with an empathetic approach. They know everyone’s financial situation is different and are there to lend an ear and offer guidance towards the next right step.

One-on-one expert financial coaching and guidance

K-12 Schools Trust Your Money Line

“I am proud of the financial support we have been able to give staff with the collaboration with your team and Your Money Line!”


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