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Your team is struggling

The average American Owes $5,313 in credit card debt*

The average American Owes $38,792 in student loan debt*

The average American Is off-track to retire by 65*

*2020 Experian Consumer Credit Review

And it’s weight on them.

They’re distracted, and they can’t focus on a fulfilling career when their at-home needs aren’t met.

Your Money Line provides expert guidance to help your employees on their unique financial journeys.

“Personal financial stress is one of the largest stresses that individuals carry with them to their daily work. If we can help our employees minimize that stress, the relief will carry over in terms of productivity and engagement. This program has something for everyone, whether an employee is just starting their career, starting their family, or retiring in the next few months.”

– VP of Finance, Neptune Aviation

Why clients love YML

Connect employees to personalized answers

Financial guides available 12 hours a day, 5 days a week via phone, email, or chat

Increase retention with healthier teammates

A library of financial resources available 24/7

Enable your team to retire on time

Customized guidance wherever their journeys begin

Industries we commonly serve

Our financial wellness guides serve schools, healthcare organizations, and more.

K-12 School Districts
Government Agencies

How YML Works

We support your financial needs from 9-5 and beyond. Our dashboard gives you a guided experience to assess where you are now so our team of financial professionals can help you set goals and get where you want to be.

One thing you should know about YML: we don’t shame beginnings. Our experts have all the financial credentials necessary, but we also spend time training them on empathy. Because empathy is how we create an approachable, safe environment for life’s financial stressors.

Why companies love YML

Improve employee morale

Help employees stay happy and satisfied at work

View recommended content based on life stage and preferences.

Retire employees on-time

Reduce costs associated with employees who cannot retire

Increase retention rates

Help employees build stability and a future in their jobs

Understand the stages of financial wellness and next steps for how to improve.