Workplace Financial Wellness Programs for Human Resource Teams

Your Money Line is a financial wellness program for employees that includes access to our live Financial Guides and our mobile-friendly dashboard. We provide you with data on the use of our helpline and aggregate data on the results of tools and assessments.

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Having financially unwell employees hurts your business

From absenteeism to job hopping, having financially unwell employees hurts your business. While it’s not your responsibility to help your employees budget and make wise decisions with their money, you can provide them professional guidance and resources to get them started on the right path.

The average American Owes $5,313 in credit card debt*

The average American Owes $38,792 in student loan debt*

*2020 Experian Consumer Credit Review

The average American Is off-track to retire by 65*

*2020 Experian Consumer Credit Review

And it’s a weight on them.

They’re distracted, and they can’t focus on a fulfilling career when their at-home needs aren’t met.

How much is financial stress costing your organization?

This is how much financial stress is costing you:

Your Money Line is the Employer Wellness Program You Need

As a corporate financial wellness solution, we are here for YOU. You believe you can help your employees with their finances, improve productivity, and keep your employees for a long time. Your Money Line helps you do this by providing the guidance your employees need, right now.

Increase employee retention

By providing your employees access to unbiased Financial Guides, employees are less likely to job hop for more money.

Reduce employees’ financial stress

Our Financial Guide team reduces stress by listening with empathy and then creating an action plan to provide stability.

Enable your team to retire on time

You’ve provided your employees with a great retirement offering, and we help them clear the clutter so they can contribute.


Feel the power of our Dashboard

Employee financial wellness programs in the workplace are not all created equal. We’ve designed our dashboard to be ACTIONABLE. Participants start by entering Stability Academy via an assessment. This allows us to determine where they are and where they need to get to. From there we assign them a journey with actionable tasks, easy access to our Financial Guide team, and resources on every possible financial topic. Every financial journey is unique, the YML dashboard meets your people where they are.

Industries We Serve

Your Money Line is for everyone, but there are particular industries we see do really well with our service.

K-12 Schools

Student loans don't need to be one of K-12's employees' many challenges. With our program, we help your employees achieve loan forgiveness.


Healthcare is a broad industry which employs everyone from surgeons to janitors. This broad employee base requires a personalized financial solution.


Municipalities serve a broad range of employees. With YML, all employees have the chance to talk 1-1 with an expert.

Why companies love YML

Personalized Guidance

This workplace financial wellness program for employees is not just financial literacy. It’s personalized and confidential access to real experts.

What HR experts say about YML

“Personal financial stress is one of the largest stresses that individuals carry with them to their daily work. If we can help our employees minimize that stress, the relief will carry over in terms of productivity and engagement. This program has something for everyone, whether an employee is just starting their career, starting their family, or retiring in the next few months.”

-VP of Finance, Neptune

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Thorough Marketing Plan

We know how important engagement is, and we also know how busy you are. We provide a wide-variety of marketing materials and engagement tools so you aren’t left on your own.

Key Reporting

You need to get return on your investment and we make it easy by providing on demand reporting on helpline and dashboard use.

Understand the stages of financial wellness and next steps for how to improve.
Understand the stages of financial wellness and next steps for how to improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Financial Guide Team will never try to sell participants anything. They are only in the business of providing answers and actionable financial help.
No. People of all income levels suffer from financial wellness issues. Your Money Line is a way for participants of all income levels to learn, ask questions, and grow financially no matter where they are starting from. We do not shame beginnings.
Our launch process is laid out clearly for you and your dedicated Client Success Manager is there to guide you through the process. Your success is our success so we are dedicated to making the process