Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the help line, and what kind of questions can I ask?

Our Financial Concierge Team can answer any of your financial (non-securities) questions. For example:

  • I’m drowning in credit card debt. How do I pay it off?
  • I need help with paying off my student loans. Can you help?
  • I’m in collections and don’t know what to do next.
  • Can you help me decide whether we should rent or buy?
  • I’ve inherited money and don’t know what to do with the unexpected money.
  • Should I purchase term or whole life insurance?
  • I’d like to start saving for my child’s college expenses. Where do I start?
  • I feel like I am doing well financially. Is there anything I could improve?
Will the Financial Concierge try to sell me anything? What are these calls like?

Our Financial Concierge Team will never try to sell you anything. They are only in the business of providing answers and actionable financial help. Most calls will take around 15 minutes. Your trained expert will follow up with you after the call to document next steps. You can call this phone line as often as you need. Your personal profile will be saved so you can reference previous conversations with the expert.

What is the Your Money Line Dashboard?

The dashboard is your online hub that helps you manage your day-to-day and long-term finances. After creating your private, unique account, you’ll be prompted to take a brief assessment. This assessment will determine exactly what your next financial steps should be. Additionally, you’ll have access to hours of video content, podcasts, articles, calculators, and digital money trackers.

What is my Power Percentage® and why is it important to me?

Your Power Percentage® is a special metric which measures healthy financial behavior. It helps you determine whether or not you're too dependent on your income as you head toward retirement.

How often should I update my Power Percentage® and other dashboard tools?

Ideally, your financial behavior gets better and better each month. As you pay down more debt, add more money to your retirement plan, and adjust your budget, you should reflect those changes using the dashboard tools.

Does it matter what my income is to participate in Your Money Line?

No. What you do with your income matters. People of all income levels suffer from financial wellness issues. Your Money Line is a way for you to learn, ask questions, and grow financially—no matter where you are starting from.

What are some of the Dashboard Courses I can take?
  • Your Money Life for your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s
  • Having a Baby
  • Credit
  • Mock Retirement
  • Basics of Investing
  • How to Pay off Student Loans
  • And more!

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