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Loans & Debt

Debt has become a necessary part of the American experience, but it can be a manageable burden with guidance. Our experts can help you evaluate types of debt, understand the terms of your existing debt, and create a plan for lowering your debt burden.

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Conquer financial goals and challenges

Our dashboard and tools alongside financial experts can help you conquer financial hurdles.

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As of 2021, 61% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck – regardless of income*. Breaking this cycle isn’t as simple as teaching you the basics of budgeting, we go deeper into the psychology behind these behaviors. It takes accountability, and that’s what Your Money Line can provide. You know the what, we’ll teach you the how.

*2019 Northwest Mutual Planning & Progress Study

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56% of Americans don’t know how much money they’ll need to retire. 46% know they won’t have enough and will have to work past the age of 65 (source). Is this you? There is a retirement crisis afoot and you aren’t alone if you find yourself facing retirement instability. Our team works with people like you all day to understand their options when it comes to retiring on time. Retirement is a game of small steps adding up over time, our experts will help you clear your budget and make room for incremental progress toward your future goals.

What we help with

Financial Stability

Millions of Americans were blindsided by the financial crisis of the last couple of years. We had found comfort in a lifestyle, not objective financial stability. Wealth is often pushed as a goal in personal finance but we believe that STABILITY is the key. We teach you how to identify your current stability level and train you to stabilize your financial footing step-by-step in our Stability Academy program.

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A clear path to retirement

Our team knows retirement can feel daunting. We’re here to help make it easier.

What we help with

Student Loans

It’s no secret that student loans are a modern stressor. From creating a realistic payoff plan to avoiding Parent PLUS loans to helping your children prepare for the coming expense of college, there are so many factors to consider. Our experts are here to support you on your journey from applying for Public Service Loan Forgiveness to selecting the right college for your kids with our College Aid Pro program to a simple debt payoff plan to ease your stress levels – we’ve got you covered.

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“Clearly this wasn’t Kristen’s first rodeo. She seemed to know I needed someone to listen, which was true. That was validating. Then that allowed me to settle my worries and struggles to a point that I could hear her direction, encouragement, and my next steps.”

What we help with

Housing Concerns

Buying or selling a home in the last few years has become increasingly more difficult. Low inventory, bidding wars, not to mention the rapidly increasing cost of becoming a homeowner has caused mounds of stress. While our team can’t fix the housing market we can be a support during these difficult times. We can help you prevent homebuyer’s remorse, understand the different types of loans and terms, and make the best decision for YOU.