YML provides your organization with financial wellness resources

Your Money Line is a financial wellness platform that is here to help you in your financial journey. Our expert team of Financial Guides are here to listen with empathy and lead you to the financial life you’ve always wanted. Additionally, you can learn and grow through our financial wellness resources, materials, tools, and assessments on the YML dashboard.

Your Money Line’s expert guides are here to lead the way through your financial journey

YML may be paid for by your employer but YOU are our #1 priority. Our Financial Guide team serves you anonymously and confidentially. Each call, email, or chat to the guide team is responded to personally. There are no generic responses, YML is all about a relationship between you and your guide.

Your Money Line’s expert guides are here to lead the way through your financial journey

Online education with useful tools to help you navigate financial changes

The YML dashboard is a fully personalized experience starting with our proprietary Stability Academy assessment. This assessment not only gives you a score to evaluate your current stability level, it also assigns you a team you’ll meet with once a month. Additionally, this assessment customizes your dashboard so all your key details are right there, easily accessible. Beyond Stability Academy, your YML Dashboard includes tools such as Net Worth calculator, debt payoff tracker, ideal budget exercise, and more courses and resources on numerous financial topics.

Online education with useful tools to help you navigate financial changes line

See our valuable resource collection to help you get to financial empowerment

We offer many free resources to help you address all aspects of your financial life, even if your employer isn’t providing you with YML. From paying off to debt to planning for retirement, we’ve got you covered!

What we help with


Having a plan for getting out of debt is a major key to financial stability. We can help you create a realistic strategy for getting out of debt.

What we help with


The most common types of loans are student loans. We are here to provide help with your student loans, whether in the form of a payoff plan, answering your consolidation questions, or guiding you through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

What we help with


While we don’t provide retirement advice in terms of investing, we specialize in helping you understand how much you should contribute to retirement starting now, as well as how to budget to make space for this level of contribution.

What we help with


Budgeting is our most popular topic at YML! This goes to show you aren’t alone with your budgeting concerns. Budgeting is the foundation of a healthy financial life, but it’s the hardest to stick to. We are here to help you create a realistic plan you can stick to.

What we help with


Financial stability is a concept to describe not only financial content, but a financial life free from the stress of life’s common financial concerns. It means you can handle an unexpected car repair, housing expense, or necessary medical procedure. We teach you what financial stability means and how you can achieve it.

What we help with


We’re ready to address any of your housing concerns. We’ll explain the difference between mortgage types, the reality of what your mortgage payment will be, and what percentage of your income we recommend spending on housing.

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Conquer financial goals and challenges

Our dashboard and tools alongside financial experts can help you conquer financial hurdles.

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Decrease your anxiety around money

We’ll help you tackle financial stresses that can strain health and relationships.

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A trusted financial guide for all of life’s curveballs

We’ve seen it all and can help lead the way through any circumstance.

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Access to our team of experts is just a quick phone call away.
Access to our team of experts is just a quick phone call away.

Frequently asked questions

We are here to help you get started! We see the biggest results from those who have not started their financial wellness journey yet. We pride ourselves on being empathic and not shaming beginnings. We meet you where you are.
Calls are typically about 15 minutes long. Whether you are asking a simple to answer question or would like to meet goals and have accountability will determine how often you meet with your Financial Guide. Additionally, supplemental resources and check-ins will be done via email.
You can ask your Financial Guide as many questions as you’d like! The only questions off limits are those on specific investing or tax-related questions. There are some aspects of these questions that may be able to guide you in the right direction. Here are some example questions: I need help with paying off my student loans. Can you help? I’m in collections and don’t know what to do next. Can you help me decide whether we should rent or buy? I’ve inherited money and don’t know what to do with the unexpected money. Should I purchase term or whole life insurance? I’d like to start saving for my child’s college expenses. Where do I start? I’m drowning in credit card debt. How do I pay it off? I feel like I am doing well financially. Is there anything I could improve?
Nope! YML is paid for by your employer and no costs will pass down to you. Additionally, you can ask the Guide team questions about your life insurance options and they can walk you through the pros and cons of each plan, but they will not recommend or push a purchase of any insurance product.