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Kristen A.

Accredited Financial Counselor®

Knowing our team can have a positive impact on a participant and their circle is the reason I'm committed to bringing my best self at Your Money Line.

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Introducing Our Five-Week Recession Program

With inflation at a 40-year high (and rising), you've likely seen a lot of news around a potential economic recession....

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11 Ways How to Pay Off Debt 

There are several ways to pay off debt, and trying to determine which makes sense can feel overwhelming. The Financial...

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Bonds: How to Earn Almost 10% Interest

It’s no secret that for the last couple of years interest rates have been historically low. As a borrower of...

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10 Tips for Improving Financial Wellness

According to the American Psychological Association, 64% of Americans find money to be a “somewhat or very significant source of...

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Should You Use Savings to Pay Your Credit Card Debt?

Ideally no. In a perfect world, you would have a fully-funded emergency fund with three months of your expenses, a...

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Behavioral Finance

If being financially well were as easy as spending less money than you make, saving 10% of your paycheck, and...

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Becoming a Landlord

As discussed in several of my previous posts my husband’s career forces us to move pretty regularly. This presents an...

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Making A Fixed Income Last in Retirement

Stepping away from your income earning years and adjusting to a fixed income can be an understandably worrisome thought. Though...

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Housing Series – Part Six: Getting the Inspection

Some of our most asked questions center around home buying and the involved processes. When we think about it that...

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