Why Your Money Line?

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Americans owe $1.3 trillion in Student Loans


15% of 25–35 year olds still live at home

Average 50 year old only has $42,797 in retirement savings


Financial Stress causing 60% to lose productivity at work

What We Measure

You can’t see true change unless you measure. So we measure—a lot. We measure basic engagement with Your Money Line and the dashboard, but more importantly, we measure behavior. We’ll show you on average where your employees currently stand financially so you can watch as they change their behaviour throughout the year. With on-demand reporting as well as a personalized quarterly report, you’ll never be in the dark about how your employees are improving financially.

Behavior Changes

Power Percentage®
Net Worth
Average Spending on Housing
Average Consumer Debt
Average Financial Stage



Calls to Your Money Line
Emails to Your Money Line
Courses Started and Completed
Learning Activities Completed
Live Web Event Attendance

If you’re a financial advisor...

If you’re a financial advisor, then you know about the retirement crisis in our country. You know that only 25 percent of Baby Boomers believe they have enough money to sustain themselves throughout retirement. And you know that nearly every other personal finance statistic points to a challenging future for subsequent generations as well. The financial industry is well aware of these harsh realities and has been trying to solve the problem. Financial wellness is one of the possible solutions the industry has arrived at over the last decade—but there’s a serious problem.

Financial wellness is suffering from an identity crisis.

In fact, financial wellness used to be called financial literacy, then it was changed to financial wellness, and now some folks are claiming it should be called financial well-being. As an advisor, do you really care?

On top of that, nearly everyone involved in all aspects of financial wellness can’t even agree on what financial wellness programming consists of. Is it education? Is it investing advice?

As a financial advisor, you know what creates action and behavior change—personal conversations with participants. People have very real, very personal financial questions. When they get those answers without being forced to sift through generic educational materials, action occurs. The problem is, as you already know, one-on-one guidance has never been scalable. Well, until now.

Your Money Line was created to answer people’s specific and personal questions, with people.

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