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What YOUR Role is in a Financial Wellness Program

Any program that promises a one-and-done approach to success isn't being honest with you. Engagement success with programming takes a bit of work. In this video Pete lays out exactly what your role is in making a program as beneficial as possible to everyone involved.

How to Garner the Elusive Top Down Buy-In

You may receive executive buy-in to make a purchase, but there is a huge difference between signing off on something and whole-heartedly endorsing it. You need the latter to make a difference and Pete's here to tell you the why and the how.

Engagement: Depth over Breadth

Engagement and ROI are extremely important when selecting a wellness benefit. The focus for so long has been on breadth and general usage. Listen here as Pete flips that model on its head and makes a case for DEPTH.

Why Tech Alone Can't Solve Your Financial Problems

Tech has been all the rage for decades, but there is one thing it can't ever replace -- human contact. There are many ways to streamline your financial life with tech, but does it really solve your behavioral problems? Is it enough for your employees? Pete has thoughts here.

The Unique Value of a Financial Wellness Program  

Especially now, free anything sounds great. When your retirement plan provider offers free financial resources or coaching it can seem too good to be true. And in most cases, it is. Watch to see Pete explain why free resources only do so much.

Your Employees' Problems are Your Problem

Your employees' personal financial problems are private and none of your business, and yet if you've been in HR long enough you know that personal finance problems often bleed into work life. Listen as Pete talks you through how to manage the fine line between personal and professional.

Comparing Your Money Line to a Free 401k Program

In the last few years 401k companies have gotten wise to what companies are looking for and have jumped on the financial wellness train. While on the surface this seems like a great benefit, there is more to it than meets the eye.

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Take Your Money Line for a Test Drive

It's hard to put into words how meaningful a conversation with a trusted financial counselor can be. Most people have no one they can ask their important money questions, and no Google doesn't count! To learn more about our program and to test drive it for yourself, schedule a call with Erica Terkhorn today!

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