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Whether it’s burnout, retention rates, or productivity levels, your challenges are unique to your industry. At Your Money Line, we provide solutions based on those challenges. Check out your industry below to learn more.

Industries Your Money Line serves

Teachers and staff at K-12 institutions struggle with low wages, burnout, and student loans. Due to this, K-12 institutions struggle with low retention and high turnover rates. Your Money Line helps guide teachers and staff to loan forgiveness through the PSLF program while providing expert Financial Guides which will result in you retaining and engaging top talent.
Municipalities & Government
The public sector is a unique place, with unique challenges. In order to meet the wide variety of needs of your people, you need a solution that meets your people where they are. Additionally, as government employees your people qualify for the PSLF program — meaning you can provide a service that helps forgive the student loans of your staff!
In the manufacturing industry your employees face lower wages and no time to be in front of a computer or make a call. Due to this, your company faces high turnover rates and low retirement plan participation. In order to reduce turnover and increase retirement plan participation, a financial wellness program like Your Money line can help by providing programming available when you need it.


In healthcare there is a large wage disparity across the lines of business where each individual is experiencing their own very unique financial issues. With healthcare workers not only facing high student loans, but around the clock shift work, it’s essential that they have access to programming available whenever they need it.

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How Your Money Line can help

Your Money Line is the financial wellness solution your company needs. We help increase employee retention, reduce financial stress, and enable your team to retire on time. Your employees shouldn’t feel alone in their financial journey and that’s why we’re here to help.