Your team has more on their mind than 9-5.

With Your Money Line, you can show your team that a great financial future is in reach.

“This has been the single most useful tool when it comes to understanding how we can support our employees financially. The monthly webinars also give us content to provide our employees that pertain directly to their financial wellbeing.”

-Wellness Program Manager, Hyland

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The University of Chicago

Your Money Line simplifies financial wellness programs by providing expert guidance.

We’re not financial advisors – we’re your financial guides.

Success Story

Success Story

“Gayle has changed our lives in a matter of not even two months. Since we started, we have made a pretty decent impact on our debt and we’re not fearful for the future. I know it was a miracle she was the person who answered when I called.”

Your Money Line for

Your Money Line for
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Why clients love YML

A dedicated Financial Guide

A friendly voice through your financial journey.

  • Experts who have already seen it all
  • Judgment-free 1:1 calls
  • Access via phone, email or chat
Access to our team of experts is just a quick phone call away.
Access to our team of experts is just a quick phone call away.
Assess your current situation, and get personalized guidance on taking the next step.

Access to a personalized dashboard

Empathetic and experienced experts to keep you on track.

  • Customized journey based on where you begin
  • Track financial stability, net worth and monthly budgets

Easy to follow financial solutions

Your uncomplicated financial guide.

  • Hundreds of articles
  • Experienced guides
  • Courses for all stages of life
  • Assessments along the way
Understand your ideal budget and path to retirement.
Understand your ideal budget and path to retirement.

How much is financial stress costing your organization?

This is how much financial stress is costing you: