Your Employees Deserve More Than Just A Financial Wellness Platform.

Your Money Line is a financial wellness program that HR professionals can use to show their team that a great financial future is in reach. Our Financial Guide team supports individual financial issues and our dashboard provides 24/7 support.

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We are your uncomplicated financial guide

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We are a team of financial wellness experts that change lives

  • YML was created in 2017 to fill the gap between resources and action. With our dedicated team of experts, your employees get top notch guidance that’s personalized to them.

Your Money Line simplifies financial wellness programs by providing expert guidance


Americans owe $1.3 trillion in Student Loans

Pew Research 2017

15% of 25-35 year olds still live at home

Pew Research 2017

The average 50 year old only has $42,797 in retirement savings

Statistic brain research institute 2017

Financial stress causing 60% to lose productivity at work

ifebp 2016

How much is financial stress costing your organization?

This is how much financial stress is costing you:

In-Depth Budget Review:

  • By carefully reviewing and guiding you through your budget, we can help you clear the clutter and contribute more to your retirement savings, bringing you peace of mind by protecting your financial future.
Reducing Financial Stress

Reducing Financial Stress:

  • One of our primary goals is to reduce any stress involved with your finances, easing your financial headache and allowing you to focus more at work and increase your productivity.

PSLF Program:

  • If you qualify for the PSLF program, our skilled team can help you achieve loan forgiveness, easing the burden of student loans and freeing up your finances for bigger and better things.

What exactly is the Your Money Line financial wellness platform?


Our Helpline


Our Dashboard

Your Money Line supports your employees in two key ways: Our Helpline and Our Dashboard. We don’t shame beginnings here at YML. Our Guides’ expertise coupled with their value on empathy is a match designed to make your employees feel comfortable and get the guidance they need. The YML Dashboard is a mobile-friendly site for participants to use tools, assessments, and courses to continue their financial wellness journey.

Who is Your Money Line for?

With Your Money Line, your employees get uncomplicated personal financial guidance and access to financial wellness resources. Our experts are available 12 hours a day, 5 days a week for your employees. Having access to confidential financial help will improve stress levels and increase retirement contributions.

YML is a workplace financial wellness platform for employers, HR professionals, wellness teams, and more to guide your employees to financial stability. YML helps you retain employees, boost productivity, and increase retirement contributions. This is a benefit that is a win-win for everyone involved.

YML is ready to partner with you to provide this key financial wellness solution to your clients. We work with advisors to fill the gap between retirement services and personal finance guidance. YML does not provide retirement and investing advice so we are a perfect partner to work hand-in-hand with you to provide your clients with a holistic financial wellness experience from budgeting to a long-term investment strategy.

Why clients love YML

A dedicated Financial Guide

Personalized guidance on their financial journey

  • Experts who have already seen it all
  • Judgment-free 1:1 calls
  • Access via phone, email or chat
Access to our team of experts is just a quick phone call away.
Access to our team of experts is just a quick phone call away.
Assess your current situation, and get personalized guidance on taking the next step.
Assess your current situation, and get personalized guidance on taking the next step.

Access to a personalized dashboard

Help with budgeting, payoff plans, and more

  • Customized journey based on where you begin
  • Track financial stability, net worth, and monthly budgets

Easy to follow financial solutions

Anonymous and confidential support

  • Hundreds of articles
  • Experienced guides
  • Courses for all stages of life
  • Assessments along the way
Understand your ideal budget and path to retirement.
Understand your ideal budget and path to retirement.
What do our participants say?

What do our participants say?

“Gayle has changed our lives in a matter of not even two months. Since we started, we have made a pretty decent impact on our debt and we’re not fearful for the future. I know it was a miracle she was the person who answered when I called.”