Defining Your 2023 Goals and Plans

Confession time.

If you received a $100 bill every time you said you would do something and didn’t follow through as imagined, you would probably have _____________ (fill in the blank). There! You said it out loud and can begin to explore that sometimes your best-laid plans and intentions are never executed or completed.

We all do this! We live in a world with other humans and not robots. Setting goals and seeing them through requires a few things; a framework, purpose, meaning, rewards and accountability. These are all a mix of inseparable ingredients.  As you set your sights on 2023, what are your aspirations?

Your Framework

Think of a framework as a structure that supports your ideas, plans, and actions. To visualize a framework, think of your human skeletal frame. It holds everything together! You live out your personal framework in exercising your principles, values, and practices.  Moreover, our daily habits primarily drive this process. As you make financial goals and plans for 2023, you must interrogate your habits to make your goals enduring. 

So how do you do that? 

  • Make sure that your goals are specific and not dimmed with vagueness. Add depth to your goals, and give them legs by writing them out. This kind of clarity around your goals will help shape your habits.
  • Next, link your goals to your activities. Connect the how/what/when/where and why of using money with your daily actions/activities. Your daily activities will serve as fuel for your goals. Stretch these daily activities further and define weekly initiatives, monthly results, and quarterly objectives you have for your money. Now, do you see how that goal could come together in 2023?

You’re not done yet!

You must also define the drivers of your initiatives, results, and objectives. Some call this your ultimate whys. Think of this as part of your purpose and the place you find meaning – your north star! What are you working towards achieving? You must reflect on who you are and the direction you are heading. Why do these financial and life goals matter to you? At Your Money Line, our live monthly Stability Academy sessions delve into these key issues; be sure to visit the session recording and notes for further exploration.

Now that you have sorted out your ultimate whys – your habits must connect to them. Starting new habits can be challenging. Eighty percent (80%) of people who set New Year’s resolutions give up after a few weeks. Why is this? Our audacious goals can easily lack the right building blocks. You may be surprised to learn how identifying and tweaking the sequence of your habits can rewrite this script! Winning at new habits and outsing bad ones can be achieved by understanding and identifying your triggers, your cravings, behaviors, and how you reward yourself. 

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