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11 Workplace Benefits Employees Want In 2023

2023 is in full swing; however, many financial struggles from 2022 are still prominent in our minds. From rising gas prices to grocery prices, people...

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Breaking News: Student Loan Forgiveness is Here

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration announced a plan for student debt relief. This 3-part plan includes loan forgiveness of up to...

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How Employees in K-12 Schools Benefit From Financial Wellness Programs

Due to the high-stress environment that education can create, low wages, burnout, staff shortages, and lack of respect, teachers are...

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How Eight Eleven Group and Your Money Line Drove Employee Engagement to Staggering Heights with Financial Wellness

Eight Eleven Group has a whopping 62% of employees engaged with Your Money Line. You understand this number's true value...

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The 10 Most Common Financial Questions Employees Are Asking

At Your Money Line, our financial guides are here to help and bring clarity to your financial journey. We are...

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How Financial Wellness Programs Can Help Retention Rates of Healthcare Employees

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has caused burnout among employees in the healthcare industry, and it’s also no surprise that...

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blog_Do Your Employees Need

Do Your Employees Really Need Your Help With Their Financial Lives?

You may not know or hear of financial problems in your workforce, which may lead you to assume that everything...

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blog_Unique Value Financial Wellness

The Unique Value of a Financial Wellness Program

Free anything sounds great, especially these days. When your retirement plan provider offers free financial resources or coaching, it can...

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Your Money Line Unveils New Dashboard for Enhanced User Experience

INDIANAPOLIS, June 9, 2022 – Your Money Line (YML), a leading corporate financial wellness solution connecting employees to personalized, confidential,...

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Our New Dashboard is Here!

Today, Your Money Line is happy to officially announce that our revamped participant dashboard is now live! Available 24/7, the...

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