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Lisa W.

Accredited Financial Counselor®

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor℠

I love being a Financial Guide because I enjoy making the seemingly complex simple. It's tremendous fun to help someone solve a financial planning puzzle.

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Budget Billing Your Utilities

The days are shorter, and the holiday decorations are well-settled into their seasonal stations. Unfortunately, cold weather is accompanied by...

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Deconstructing Pete’s Retirement Calculator – Part TWO

Found your way here without reading PART ONE? START HERE FIRST — PART TWO What distribution rate would you like...

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Deconstructing Pete’s Retirement Calculator – Part ONE

I firmly believe the question “Am I saving enough for retirement?” is the single most popular question in financial planning....

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Are You A Budgeteer?

Are you a budgeteer? Are you sure? Perhaps you use one of the many popular apps that track your spending...

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Can You Ace the FINRA Financial Literacy Quiz?

Can you ace the FINRA financial literacy quiz? In 2009, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) developed a six question...

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Be Aware of: Income Cliffs

Is more income always better? Almost always...but it may also result in an unexpected bill at tax time. Whether you...

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Borrowing Money for College

Here are the facts. In 1990, average yearly tuition at a public university was $1910; in 2019, it was $10,230....

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Food and the Art of the Possible

Otto von Bismarck was the first leader of a unified Germany in 1871, but you may know him as the...

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Credit Card Payoff vs Retirement Savings: FIGHT!

Congratulations! You’ve got your emergency savings locked down and now you are moving on to the next step in your...

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