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Jasmin S.

Jasmin has been with Your Money Line for over 8 years and enjoys the challenge of learning new skills year over year. When not at work you can find Jasmin decorating and fixing her up her family's 1950s ranch home.

Blog Posts

Your Complete Guide to Financial Wellness Programs for Employees

Employee financial wellness programs have been popular for the last five years, but it’s so much deeper than a simple...

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Guide To Paying Off Student Loans

Here’s what you have heard from me in the past in regards to student loans: Avoid themParents are often to...

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Misidentifying emergencies often leads to emergencies

First appeared in USA Today and The Indianapolis Star Dear Pete, Right now, we leverage an online savings account to...

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Difficult college tuition conversations are crucial

Originally seen in the USA Today and Indianapolis Star  Just as millions of first-year college students matriculate for the first...

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Your financial wake-up call is ringing, it’s your choice to answer it

First appeared in USA Today and The Indianapolis Star His face looked different. And the words coming out of his...

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Life insurance is an act of love

Like retirement, saving for college, and keeping a budget, life insurance is on the short list for necessary things. There is no way around this...

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Why I’m against using a credit card for points and cash back offers

I have to warn you. My snark meter is high right now. There are several reasons for this. The topic...

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Combating Retirement’s silent killer: Inflation

First appeared in USA Today and The Indianapolis Star While you are driving toward income independence, your money is driving...

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Where your first $18,000 of long-term savings should go

I’m making a giant assumption here. I’m assuming you are contributing, or working toward contributing, $18,000 of your income per...

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