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Gayle E.

Accredited Financial Counselor®

I've found that the best thing about being a Sr. Account Executive is getting Your Money Line to people who need our help!

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How We Help – Navigating Insurance

We're living in unprecedented times, and just providing retirement options is no longer enough to guarantee your employees their safety...

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How We Help – Social Security and Spouses

Planning for the future can be daunting, so don't leave your employees on their own. Let us help guide them...

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Do I Owe Taxes for an Ex-Spouse?!

Dear Team, I’m recently divorced and just received a letter from the IRS requesting a payment of taxes from two...

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Celebrating Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History month this March we’re going to celebrate women who have made a difference in our...

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SWOF: How Big Does My Emergency Fund Really Need to Be?

Experts in the personal finance industry, including us here at Your Money Line, typically recommend three months of expenses for...

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Spotlight On: Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income is often confused with Social Security and it’s understandable. The names are similar, the acronyms are similar...

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Tools to Help Determine Retirement Readiness

Determining whether or not you’re prepared for retirement can feel like a one million dollar question. The number of factors...

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A Note For Single Women Over 50: Forgive Yourself

We’ve all made money mistakes. How can you go through life and not?  Mistakes are actually good things as they...

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Should I Co-Sign A Loan?

Hi, My brother, who recently started a business, wants a specialized truck. He doesn’t have enough credit history to get...

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