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Ellie M.

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As the Content Marketing Strategist for Your Money Line, Ellie plans, develops and publishes the majority of content you read and see on our site and social media channels.

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Pension Fund of the Christian Church differentiates itself from its competitors by offering financial wellness to its employees and the...

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Why a Financial Wellness Program is Essential During Open Enrollment Season

The biggest period of the year for businesses is open enrollment season. This period is chaotic and there is no...

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Meet Lisa Whitley

Next up in our ‘Meet the Expert’ series is our Senior Financial Guide, Lisa Whitley, Accredited Financial Counselor®, Chartered Retirement...

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Meet Jayne Larson

Up next in our ‘Meet the Expert’ series is our Financial Guide, Jayne Larson, Accredited Financial Counselor®. She lives in...

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Meet Kristen Ahlenius

Next up in our ‘Meet the Expert’ series is our Director of Education, Kristen Ahlenius, Accredited Financial Counselor, AFC®️. Ahlenius...

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Meet Damian Dunn

Up first in our ‘Meet The Expert’ series is our Vice President of Advice, Damian Dunn, a certified financial planner,...

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How to Calculate Your Employee Turnover Rate 

Employee turnover is inevitable in every business. However, there’s a good turnover rate and there’s a bad turnover rate. In...

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3 Ways to Support Your Employees’ Financial Well-Being

When referring to well-being, the focus is typically on emotional and physical health; however, financial well-being is a key piece...

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How Financial Wellness Improves Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The average Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practice focuses on hiring a diverse workforce and providing employment resources to make...

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