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Damian D.


I love being part of a team that provides top notch financial guidance that is accessible to everyone. We make a genuine difference in the lives of those we work with and it’s incredibly rewarding

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Buying A Car: What’s the Word On Dealer Financing?

"I’m getting ready to buy a new (to me) car. I’ve saved up some money for a down payment, I...

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Should I Start Saving for College Now …or Later?

Lisa Whitley — If you have kids, likely you have given consideration to the question “How will I pay for their...

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“Budget, budget, budget.” Why should I anyway?!

Lisa Whitley — Seriously, why? Everyone tells you that you should have a budget. But if it is such a great thing...

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Know Thyself: What Kind of Investor Are You?

Lisa Whitley — As is so often the case, the ancient Greeks said it first and said it best: “Know thyself.” And...

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About that Candy Challenge…You Should Do It, Too.

Kristen Ahlenius — A few months ago on social media a challenge gained a lot of traction. Parents and guardians set up...

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Ever Heard of the Saver’s Credit? Well, Today You Have

Lisa Whitley — I know, I feel as if you just finished your 2019 tax return and now I am going...

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Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less?

Lisa Whitley — Why pay more when you could pay less? It doesn’t seem logical and yet many do this when...

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National Retirement Security Month

Gayle Evezich — October is my favorite month of the year. The air is warm and crisp at the same...

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Understanding Retirement Fees

Written by Lisa Whitley If you are participating in a workplace retirement program — 401(k), 403(b) or similar — good...

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