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Damian D.


I love being part of a team that provides top notch financial guidance that is accessible to everyone. We make a genuine difference in the lives of those we work with and it’s incredibly rewarding

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Paying off your home in 15 years is almost always the best decision

I love answering email questions. Especially questions like this one. Whereas I hated good, better, best multiple-choice questions in school,...

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Why people generally aren’t good at saving money

How much is in your checking account right now? Now, if there was $25 less than that, would you care?...

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Mindful Spending

Have you ever purchased something you really didn’t intend on buying and then later on, couldn’t figure out why you did it?...

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⚠️Breaking News: Student Loan Servicer Updates

Date: October 6, 2021   Topic: There are a number of important changes happening with student loans. Some of the...

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Child Tax Credit: What to Do With It?

The advanced Child Tax Credit payments have started appearing in our bank accounts and mailboxes and many people are wondering...

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⚠️Breaking News: CDC Issues 60-Day Eviction Moratorium

Date: August 3, 2021 Topic: The CDC announced a 60 day limited moratorium on evictions in areas with high Covid...

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Saving & Homebuying

I’m starting to look at purchasing a home. I have some cash saved for the down payment. However, I’m not...

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What Should We Do with Savings for Our Next Home?

Hi, First off, thank you for the podcast. I listen to each episode and I appreciate that you make personal...

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Save for Retirement or Move to A New Home?

Hi! I have what would be considered a high-quality problem. Last Dec, I started a great job with a great...

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