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Damian D.


I love being part of a team that provides top notch financial guidance that is accessible to everyone. We make a genuine difference in the lives of those we work with and it’s incredibly rewarding

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Getting on the same financial page as your significant other

As I was sitting at an outdoor wedding this past weekend, sweating and listening to the couple exchange vows, promises...

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In a perfect yet realistic world, this is how you would accumulate money

I focus so much on financial triage, that sometimes I forget to share the basics of saving and investing. Today...

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Don’t ignore the threat of inflation

While you are driving toward income independence, your money is driving in reverse. Inflation is why. As if you don’t...

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Signs it’s time to relent and start budgeting

A lot of people think they are better than budgeting. I’m sure there was a time in my life when...

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Keep a binder of your financial vitals, just in case

Dying was less complicated 20 years ago. Upon the death of a loved one, a family would obtain a stack...

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Do the math on pension payout

You’re 62 years old. You have a choice. You can either receive $30,000 every year for the rest of your...

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Visualization can help you prepare for retirement

Picturing yourself in retirement can illuminate the threats and risks that line your path to financial independence. Visualization is a...

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How to have the perfect money conversation with your spouse

There’s one thing I hate talking to Mrs. Planner about: what happens to characters in a book or movie after...

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Should you lease a car?

Should you hire someone to mow your lawn? This seems like an innocuous question, right? But the answer to this...

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