Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you partner with Pete the Planner® Financial Wellness?

There is a retirement crisis in this country. Simply providing employees a means to save for retirement isn’t enough to lead successful retirement outcomes. Our people need more support in their day-to-day decision-making. Additionally, financial stress is the most prominent form of stress in the workplace today. We believe helping people address their financial lives will lead to lower stress levels and happier, more productive workers.

What is the relationship between advisors and Your Money Line?

It comes down to the past, present, and future. This is what every financial life is broken into, and it's how we split duties with you as an advisor. Your focus is on the future. Your goal is to help your clients achieve future goals. The problem is that past and present money issues often prevent the planning and resources necessary to plan for the future. That's where Your Money Line comes in. We are a resource to help your people get their debt and budgeting questions answered so they can come to you ready to prepare for the future.

How involved will you be in the program as an advisor?

Your Money Line is a full-service company. We provide a dedicated Client Success Specialist to each plan sponsor to facilitate their launch and year-long engagement. Your involvement is a personal choice. If you prefer to hand off the relationship and move on, great. If you prefer to be involved in kick-off and check-in calls, great. Your involvement is welcome but not required.

What kind of questions can participants call and ask on Your Money Line?

Our Financial Concierge team can answer any financial (non-securities) questions. For example:

  • I’m drowning in credit card debt. How do I pay it off?
  • I need help with paying off my student loans. Can you help?
  • I’m in collections and don’t know what to do next.
  • Can you help me decide whether we should rent or buy?
  • I’ve inherited money and don’t know what to do with the unexpected money.
  • Should I purchase term or whole life insurance?
  • I’d like to start saving for my child’s college expenses. Where do I start?
  • I feel like I am doing well financially. Is there anything I could improve?
Will the Financial Concierge try to sell participants anything?

Our Financial Concierge team will never try to sell participants anything. They are only in the business of providing answers and actionable financial help.

Will the Financial Concierge's answer questions about retirement?

Our Financial Concierge team wants to help callers with every question that comes in. With retirement questions though, they tread lightly. Financial Concierges are provided with each plan sponsor's retirement plan information before the first call even comes in. This information is stored in the system so that with every call, your contact information is front and center for the Financial Concierge to reference and refer. Our goal for every call is to inspire action, and often when it comes to retirement questions, the action we push is to call your retirement plan sponsor.

Do you integrate with all 401k programs, or only specific ones?

We work with any 401k plan or retirement plan sponsor.

What are these calls like?

Most calls will take around 15 minutes. Our trained expert will follow up with participants after the call to document next steps. Participants can call or email as often as needed. A confidential profile will be saved in our system, so if participants call back, their previous questions will be right there for the Financial Concierge to reference.

What is the Your Money Line Dashboard?

The dashboard is your online hub that helps you manage your day-to-day and long-term finances. After creating your private, unique account, you’ll be prompted to take a brief assessment. This assessment will determine exactly what your next financial steps should be. Additionally, you’ll have access to hours of video content, podcasts, articles, calculators, and digital money trackers.

What can I expect from Your Money Line Dashboard?

The dashboard is designed specifically to have uncomfortable conversations in a comfortable way. Personal finance can be intimidating. The dashboard gives participants the tools to create a simple plan for heading toward financial health.

What is Power Percentage® and why is it important?

Your Power Percentage® is a special metric which measures healthy financial behavior. It helps users determine whether or not they’re too dependent on their income as they head toward retirement. It’s also a great metric to measure total financial health. This metric will be available via the on-demand reporting and in your quarterly report.

How often should participants update dashboard tools?

Ideally, participants will update their information monthly. We encourage this by sending out a monthly email newsletter to all participants reminding them to log in and update their numbers.

Is there an ideal income range for participating in Your Money Line?

No. What you do with your income matters much more than how much you have to begin with. People of all income levels suffer from financial wellness issues. Your Money Line is a way for participants of all income levels to learn, ask questions, and grow financially no matter where they are starting from.

What are some of the Dashboard Courses available?
  • Your Money Life for your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s
  • Having a Baby
  • Credit
  • Mock Retirement
  • Basics of Investing
  • How to Pay off Student Loans
  • And more!
As the advisor, will I be privy to my client's financial health information?

Protecting your people's privacy is our highest priority. But we do want you and your plan sponsor to understand where your people are, what their concerns are, and how they are making progress. We achieve this by reporting financial data in aggregate. Your people's financial data is never associated with their name and data is never itemized. Aggregate data is the best way for you to see how your people are doing, while still respecting their privacy.

Does Your Money Line work for multi-location organizations?

Yes. Your Money Line is a great solution for multi-location organizations because it doesn't require much set-up. Our Client Success Specialist will work with coordinators from each location to make sure marketing is in place for a smooth launch.

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